Photo by Charles Forerunner on Unsplash

For a long time , I was waiting…

Waiting for you to come and pick me.

Waiting for the right moment to say it,

For all these years, I was carrying the restlessness.

Couldn’t tolerate the burden of you with somebody,

Couldn’t handle the fear of rejection

I was surrounded by a faceless crowd,

They were waiting for their train as well.

Hoping for their love to arrive.

Somewhere deep down we all knew,

This Train will never arrive.

Cause We were waiting for the train at the airpot.



Still from “Yeh Jawani hai Deewani.”

Your whole Teenage life , You were dependent upon your best friend “Bunny”.

You have planned every aspect of you around him.

Like Renting a place of our own,

To fulfil your F.R.I.E.N.DS fantasy.

I relate to you.

You were chasing a guy ,

Who had big dreams , Dreams you were never part of.

You represent every other person who are ready to mould themselves..

To hold the other person a little longer..

I relate to you..

You called him every other day over the years,

You were constantly living in the past.

Its difficult to move on from a person,

With whom you have planned your future.

i relate to you…..

You never wanted your friends money,

You never needed his support.

You only craved for his presence.

You were a true friend with many vices.

Dear Avi, I relate to you….



Rohit Mangla

Wanna be a Poet / Critique. Film fanatic. My Life can easily be captured in the words of Faiz Ahmad “Kuch Ishq kiya kuch kaam kia”.