The ballad tries to capture the long-running relationship of sky and land across time. It captures their love through the mere eyes of the human (observer/narrator).

They have been looking at each other for centuries

waiting for the other to make a move

Either they are too scared or too helpless.

Cursing the Fate, Cusring the Gods..

Thinking what could have been.

He occasionally flirts with her,

Showering his love from a distance.

Sometimes he sings through the clouds

And She is the Chime to his winds.

Sometimes he covers his eyes through the clouds.

When we torture her, exploiting her.

We are the slow poison,

Maybe we are the ones who were keeping them apart.

Sometimes he growls his anger on us.

Striking with lightning…

I found an old 5 rs coin in my spare pocket marked 1993. I wondered what his life has been like for the past 28 years. This ballad tries to project the fictional sentiment of an insignificant coin.

From the time we were born.

We were prepared to conquer the world

Stories of the predecessors has always inspired me

I couldn’t be more wrong.

We all started our journey together,

Wondering what the world would be?

Once we left the home,

I never saw my companions again.

Hoping that our paths will cross again

Wondering If I could recognize them.

I have seen governments getting collapsed.

People fighting over me, Families getting destroyed.

Projecting their true shades.

They blame us for their shortcomings,

All I know, We are just a tool.

Not the Wielders.

I have played different…

Still from “Yeh Jawani hai Deewani.”

Your whole Teenage life , You were dependent upon your best friend “Bunny”.

You have planned every aspect of you around him.

Like Renting a place of our own,

To fulfil your F.R.I.E.N.DS fantasy.

I relate to you.

You were chasing a guy ,

Who had big dreams , Dreams you were never part of.

You represent every other person who are ready to mould themselves..

To hold the other person a little longer..

I relate to you..

You called him every other day over the years,

You were constantly living in the past.

Its difficult to move on from a person,

With whom you have planned your future.

i relate to you…..

You never wanted your friends money,

You never needed his support.

You only craved for his presence.

You were a true friend with many vices.

Dear Avi, I relate to you….

Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

Hey You!!!!

I know you are out there smiling and laughing……

I know you are living life to the fullest….

I know I am just a friend in your contact list…

But Give it some time……

I will grow on your conscious…

Hey You!!!

I know I am too much ahead of you in this relationship...

But I know you will be here one day…

I know I will be the ear to your secrets….

Reason for your Unfiltered laughs…

You may not realize my importance now…

But Give it some time…

These moments will grow on your conscious


Photo by Jacky Zeng on Unsplash

It's been years since we met,

But I still remember his childlike face

His weird laughs, his small gestures.

Wondering whats he been up to.

He was a little slow for this pacing world.

When Everybody was on Facebook,

He was looking for me on Orkut.

When Everyone was tuning on Beiber,

He was still jamming on Atif.

Wondering whats he been up to.

I always find him staring me,

Looking down as soon as our eyes meet.

Getting shy as our hand's click

Stuttering when we stand too close

Wondering whats he been up to.

He wrote me letters,

Photo by Christina Bodendorfer on Unsplash

A bolt of lightning struck nearby

Leaving behind a Thunderous echo

I grabbed his hands,

For the comfort and Consolation

He picked me up and looked in my eyes

And With a charming smile.

He fed me this lie,

“Don’t worry that's just God playing Drums”.

I laughed and I smiled.

I got lost in that wonderful lie.

Years went by,

A bolt of lightning struck nearby

He grabbed my hands

I picked him up, Fed him the same lie

“Don’t worry that’s just God playing …”.

In That Moment I realized ,

How I have Just Become a Reminiscent image of my father.

I smiled with a tear dropping from my eye.

And Completed My lie.

He laughed and He smiled.

He got lost in that wonderful lie.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Every night when the clock hits 2, We meet.

Wondering Every Permutation of You and me,

It starts with a series of flashbacks,

Rolling over the Precious Moments we had.

My Mind has directed multiple scenarios of what could have been,

Giving me another chance, To Attone for every regret.

He has created the perfect versions of You and Me,

Who had the talks, I don’t hold the courage to fly.

I have held you a prisoner in my thoughts, While you roam free.

I have done some nasty things, which I couldn’t speak.

I will never say these things…

Photo by Jesse Schoff on Unsplash

It was the time when he got the consciousness,

Love was something he explored through movies.

He had only known love as the purest form of feelings

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Love was fantasy back then.

When he first saw her,

He was mesmerized by her sheer presence

Time around him went slow,

He couldn’t help, She was the only one he notices.

All he wanted was to watch her all day smiling.

Love was innocent back then

He never had the guts to confront his feelings

He lost all his words

It was the time he felt most…

Photo by Nguyen Linh on Unsplash

I don’t remember exactly when we first met,

I have narrated multiple stories of our union,

Now I don’t remember whats real or facade.

This is another goodbye,

Until I break my promise at last.

They pictured you as a demon,

which will rip my life apart.

You were just a trigger,

To please the monster,

Sleeping in me from the start,

You become the escape I needed,

My Companion in the solitude.

With you, The Nights didn’t seem lonely

You are the answer to my every craving.

Every now and then,

They saw us confiding in each other,


My father introduced us to each other.

I tried to be freinds with him

We were never in sync.

I hated him for a while,

It took some time, But he Grew on Me.

And He became a permenant part of My childhood.

We became best friends,

He never left my side.

He never judged or lied.

He listened to all my sorrows when i cried.

And He became my escape to this world

He became my Wingman,

He was my constant ice breaker.

He made me the centre of attraction to every event.

He helped me to find love…

Rohit Mangla

Wanna be a Poet / Critique. Film fanatic. My Life can easily be captured in the words of Faiz Ahmad “Kuch Ishq kiya kuch kaam kia”.

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