Different Hues of Love #1

It was the time when he got the consciousness,

Love was something he explored through movies.

He had only known love as the purest form of feelings

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Love was fantasy back then.

When he first saw her,

He was mesmerized by her sheer presence

Time around him went slow,

He couldn’t help, She was the only one he notices.

All he wanted was to watch her all day smiling.

Love was innocent back then

He never had the guts to confront his feelings

He lost all his words

It was the time he felt most weak

Thoughts of Rejection has set up the camp in his head

Love was scary back then

It breaks his heart every time she posted a picture with someone else

He hated when she shared her laugh with someone else

He wished to be the person, she shared her evenings with

Love was jealous back then…..



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Rohit Mangla

Rohit Mangla

Wanna be a Poet / Critique. Film fanatic. My Life can easily be captured in the words of Faiz Ahmad “Kuch Ishq kiya kuch kaam kia”.