The boy who never spoke

Somewhere in the midst of a high school,

There was a boy who never uttered a word,

He was not mute but people assumed he might be

He never answered his roll call,

He was always attentive but he never spoke.

You can look into his eyes and see he was holding tsunami of words.

don’t know what he was afraid of,

Some people took pity on him , some laughed.

Some were curious just like me.

One fine morning , When i was running late to school,

I saw him sitting alone in the garden.

He was staring at me, like he was specifically waiting for me.

All of the sudden, I was not anxious of getting late.

My legs started moving towards him,

I couldn’t control my actions

After couple of minutes , i forced my mind to get out of his illusion

and ran towards my lectures and thought what a creep he was.

As i stepped in the class , i couldn’t answer why i was late to school.

I tried to but couldn’t utter a word, Felt a force trapped inside me.

In that moment i got scared, terrified and felt alone.

My mind was not able to comprehend the situation.

Suddenly the boy entered the class,

“May i come in . Miss?”.

Everybody was shocked, It was first time He spoke.

I realised what just happened

Help me.(To be continued).



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